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Philosophiæ Naturalis Principia Geometrica

Print 3228

Spheres, cubes, and pyramids are platonic solids, the most abstract form a shape can have. They are represented simply, as light on a dark surface, turning from abstraction to visibly real. By contrast the background consists of blue and green curves, these normally found in nature. Conceptually then, this painting is similar to the Yin-Yang symbol, except the opposites are in a front-back relationship. The symbol itself consists of a union of opposites, which in physics and psychology creates the tension by which life is energized.




Prints on canvas are individually made at high professional standards. The artist paints additional details on each print so that each is unique. Prints are signed on the back by the artist and available in sizes: 16×20, 20×24 and 30×40, with 2.5″ wrap (larger canvas sizes on request). The cropping of the image will depend on the print size, while maintaining the integrity of image composition. Due to a high volume of orders during peak Holiday Seasons, please expect a two-week delay in shipment.

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16×20, 20×24, 30×40

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